Kapler on Sizemore

Interesting take on Grady’s situation from a former player who knows all too well what it feels like to go through injuries, Gabe Kapler.

012414-MLB-Cleveland-Indians-Grady-Sizemore-TV-Pi2.vadapt.955.medium.27I remember sitting and chatting with Boston third baseman Mike Lowell, when I was with the Red Sox in 2006. We stared across the diamond at Sizemore. We marveled at this man’s talent. There was absolutely nothing he could not do. His complete package of tools and production was the best in all of the sport.

Sizemore is 31, and has now had two full seasons off after an avalanche of injuries. In those two years, his muscles have had ample time to repair themselves and, perhaps more importantly, his mind has had a break from the grind. Players may regress in production and health, but their extreme talent doesn’t disappear at this age.

“If healthy, Sizemore would compete for playing time in center field with rookie Jackie Bradley Jr. in spring training,” Boston.com reported.

Let’s get one thing straight: If Sizemore is truly healthy, he won’t be competing for playing time. He’ll be an All-Star.

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