Grady Sizemore wondering what’s left

Gordon Edes has a wonderful article up on ESPN about Grady and his expectations so far for 2014.

ny_sizemore_d1_300x300Oh, no, Grady Sizemore said Wednesday, he wasn’t injury prone as a kid growing up in Washington state.

Never fell out of a tree or got hit by a car?

On second thought …

“I actually did both of those things,” he said, seemingly startled by the memory. “I was going to tell you, ‘No, I’m not injury prone,’ but I did both of those things in elementary school, so I guess I am.

“I fell off a playground thing and hit my head pretty good. I got hit by a car while riding my bike. Nothing really happened. I got a little bruise.”

That was it?

“Nothing major. It knocked me out, yeah.”

That’s not major?

“Well, I woke up feeling fine. I had a baseball game that night. I wanted to play, but my dad wouldn’t let me.”

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